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On Luskentyre Beach, Eilean Siar

Welcome to my photographic website, my name is Gary Smith and I reside in the county of Cumbria, UK.

Living in this county means that I am close to one of England's ten national park's; namely the Lake District National Park which has recently been awarded the UNESCO world heritage site status.

I had and used a point-and-shoot camera for a number of years, primarily for holiday snaps. Wanting to expand my knowledge of photography and to take better images I bought my first DSLR back in mid-2013, an entry level Nikon D5100 (which I still use from time to time, primarily as a back up). My current and do all camera is the Nikon D810.

I am an amateur photographer whose speciality is capturing landscapes both at home and on my travels. I also like to dabble in other genres as my galleries illustrate. I like to get out when I can but sometimes that is not always possible as work commitments take precedence.

All photographs were taken in RAW format and processed in Adobe 'lightroom' & 'Nik Collection'.

No images have anything digitally added or removed, as my preference is to get it right as much as I can in camera first which allows for minimal processing, and for this purpose I prefer to use graduated (soft & hard) and/or ND filters to balance the scene, however, on occasions I have used bracketing to compensate for the extreme dynamic light range that a single image cannot achieve.

The majority of images taken have been with my Nikon D810, with some taken using my backup D5100 camera. My lenses range from wide angle (16-35mm), standard zoom (24-70mm) and telephoto zoom (70-200mm)

Most of my images (when required to balance the scene) used the Lee filter system comprising of hard or soft GND's and/or ND's. I am currently in the changeover from Lee to Nisi and use the following;


  • ND 4(0.6) and ND 64(1.8) to ND 32000(4.5)


  • Landscape Circular Polariser (CPL)
  • Hard, soft, medium and reverse GND's
  • ND 8(0.9)

Most images were taken one of the following tripods whether the scene required one or not.

  • Giotto Vitruvian VGRN8265 tripod + Manfrotto 468MGQ6 hydrostatic ball-head
  • Gitzo GT3543XLS Systematic tripod + Gitzo GS3121LVL low profile levelling base (ideal for panoramic images) + Manfrotto 405 geared head
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